No singular person should ever have to face an eating disorder alone.

At Eating Disorders Association we realise that recovery is often a group effort, with a range of professionals playing a key role in supporting an individual with an eating disorder. We recognise however that identifying and responding to eating disorders can be an extremely complex affair which can cause a lot of uncertainties and confusion. 

Consequently, Eating Disorders Association (N.I.) aims to provide accessible and reliable training to equip a range of professional disciplines in building on their understanding of eating disorders, better enabling professionals to support those affected and promoting early intervention.  Our specialised training workshops are suitable for professionals in a variation of disciplines including education, health and social care and the voluntary and community sectors. 

Each training session is tailored to the individual audience, covering a range of topics including, understanding eating disorders, signs and symptoms of eating disorders, treatment options and responding to eating disorders. We work closely with professionals during these sessions to provide informed guidance on how to be a positive role model when working with eating disorders, how to overcome the potential challenges that this may bring and practical tips and advice on what to do in instances where you may be worried about someone. Our trained facilitators will also include information and knowledge surrounding current service provision, enabling professionals to make informed choices when supporting an individual with an eating disorder. 

Our training workshops are entirely free of charge and can be tailored to the needs of the organisation and professional discipline. In order to book a training workshop please fill in the booking form. Additionally, if you wish to receive educational resources from the Eating Disorders Association (N.I.) in order to aid in your/your organisation’s understanding of eating disorders, please contact us.


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