Awareness Raising & Workshops

Eating Disorders are an under-represented issue. Our work aims to raise the profile of the condition by campaigning and increasing awareness. We do so by creating awareness campaigns, through the disseminate of quality information and developing a positive media presence. One key aspect of our awareness raising is the development of campaigns during Eating Disorders Awareness Week, including awareness raising activities including media interviews, television documentaries and poster campaigns as well as a physical presence within local communities. During these events we advocate issues and raising awareness of specialist issues such as children's body image, male sufferers, and eating disorders in those aged 50 and over.

Awareness raising and events such as Eating Disorders Awareness Week don't just help us communicate a clear campaign message and raise awareness of these important issues - they also help us disseminate information regarding the help and support that is available for those living with an eating disorder and help us provide the clear message that recovery is possible!


School Workshops

As part of our awareness raising we provide free workshop to schools, youth clubs and community groups. With pressures on body image and self-esteem being more of an issue for young people, and subsequently the number of eating disorders in young people under the age of 17 increasing over the last decade, it is important to place focus on raising awareness within schools and youth groups. Schools and youth groups are more aware of the issue of eating disorders in adolescents.

To tackle these issues we have successfully developed an educational resource for use within youth settings to educate young people about eating disorders, body image and self-esteem. Working with a group volunteers we continue to update and develop these resources. Our workshops focus on providing information about eating disorders, where to get help, the associated risk factors related to onset of these disorders with the addition of an interactive self-esteem module to help young people understand what is self-esteem, why it matters and what impacts on our self-esteem including a look into photoshopping and reality of celebrating marketing. We have delivered these workshops to over 40 classes in schools and colleges throughout the year and continue to develop and tailor the workshops to suit each schools needs. The response from students and teachers has been very positive and we hope to continue develop this service further in the coming year.


Suitable For: 

These are suitable primarily for schools, youth organisations and to raise awareness within community groups. All workshops are free and can be tailored to suit various group sizes and needs, just contact our office to arrange a time and a date.

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