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Recovery is a journey. A complex and multi-directional journey and is often described as two steps forward and three steps back. That is ok, that is part of the learning, part of the growing and part of the journey in building resilience against the destructive voices of the eating disorder.  Recovery takes time, it takes patience, it takes courage, it takes strength, it takes commitment and above all perhaps, recovery takes self-compassion, self-love, self-kindness and an ability to recognise and believe that YOU, do not deserve a life stuck in the torturous and destructive grips of an eating disorder. That is not a life, struggling with an eating disorder is not a life, it is a mere existence. 

You deserve more.

Reach out for the help and the support that you need and that you deserve. You do not need to do the journey alone. The Eating Disorders Association offer a wide range of support. Why not come along to one of our support groups, we offer two support groups for those struggling with an eating disorder. One takes place during the day and the other takes in the evening time.  We also offer 1-1 support and a drop in service, whereby, you can come in to our offices and talk to someone directly. If you do not feel like talking to someone face to face, that is ok, we understand that opening up about your difficulties and struggles can be very difficult, we can support you in other ways, such as, on our 24 hour helpline, via email or via private message on our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. The Eating Disorders Association is here to support you in your journey to recovery.


Reach out. 


Recovery is always possible.



Recovery from an eating disorder is ALWAYS possible. While recovery from an eating disorder is no easy task, you can recover from an eating disorder. The eating disorder did not simply develop overnight, likewise, recovery from the eating disorder will not simply take place overnight. However much we may want it, there is no magic wand solution with eating disorders.





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