Anorexia nervosa

Torture in My Mind

Torture in My MInd

Naomi, Age 18

Right now I feel torture in my mind,

Just when I thought I'd left it all behind;

The food, the weight sort of felt normal again,

Then why would I be putting these thoughts to pen?


I'm just cutting down a little I say within,

But I worry this battle, 'it' will win;

Zara's Story

Why do we develop anorexia? Research suggests there may be an abnormality in the brain,  I believe there can also be a genetic link, sufferers are often perfectionists and have low self-esteem. Eating disorders most commonly develop in adolescence, however it is not uncommon in earlier or later stages in life. Anorexia, for me, came when I was 13 years old. I remember looking in the mirror and criticising every inch of my body, it was then she told me to start a diet.She started as a friendly, helpful voice.

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