EDAW Success

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015 was a great success seeing all groups across Northern Ireland raising some much needed awareness about eating disorders. 

At EDANI we relaunched our website and invited professionals and individuals with lived experiences to see our new website first and get insights into why we made the choice to change how we work online. Over 50 indiviudals came along to our event in the Park Inn Hotel in Belfast and heard from our three guest speakers Paula Murray (EDANI volunteer), Pam Nugent (The Laurence Trust founder member) and Dr Stephen Bergin (Public Health Agency). 

Great discussion was had by attendees following a heartfelt story about Paula's struggle with anorexia and her recovery from the illness. Pam provided insight into her experiences as a mother of a son with bulimia, giving attendees a tour of the website from a mothers perspective of what she needed when her son was struggling with his illness. Dr Bergin closed the event by discussing how eating disorder services have developed over the last decaded and provided insight into service development and resources. 

Overall, the event allowed us to explore how and why online resources like this website can be used to support those with eating disorders. As we know eating disorders are highly stigmatised and difficult to talk about, we feel be providing information online and giving you the option to contact us via email it will make the first step of the journey to recovery easier. We hope that this new website is more informative and easier to use. Any feedback on how we can improve are online services, or to get more information about EDANI, can be sent to edani@btconnect.com.

Eating Disorder Association NI
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Phone: 028 9023 5959
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