The Rain Before The Rainbow Launch at Stormont

The Rain Before The Rainbow
Members of Stamp-ED, the eating disorder support group based in Antrim, recently took part in a 16 week Creative Writing Project in partnership with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust EAting Disorder Team and Arts Care. The purpose of this project was to merge and develop artistic and creative ability with improving health and emotional well-being. Involving members of their support group as well as their facilitators, the group created a collection of creative written piecres in the form of short stories and poems that have been combined to create the book "Rain Before the Rainbow". To highlight this work Stamp-ED, NHSCT and Arts Care held an event on the 5th of February 2015 at Stormont to officially launch this book and promote the benefit of creative writing for improving well-being.
The project was co-ordinated by Ciara O'Malley, Art Care Artist in Residence, and Creating Writing Facilitator Susan McKinley who guided the participants through the project coming from differing lecels of experience and belief in their creative ability in this apread, towards writing personal pieces on a huge variety of themes and topics. Using a variety of fun and playfully challenging exercises, participants soon felt encouraged to write their stories in the informal, friends, safe, non-competitive and relaxed atmosphere they enjoyed comnig to each week. 
Feedback from the story writers endorsed the success of this project by commenting that working together in this way didn't feel anytihng like school, provided a positive distraction from everyday pressures, encouraged a shared sense of support, confidence building and an appreciation of each other which helped them feel they are not alone with their problems:- 'When its dark look for starts; when it rains look for a rainbow.'
The Sun Will Shine Again
by Sabrina Hunter

The sun that glistens in the trees

The birds sing in the breeze

A pure white feather on the ground

A sign that angels are around

I think that may be nature's way

Of brightening up a darker day.


When life's troubles get you down

And people who love you stay around

And they would walk that extra mile

To pick up and make you smile

It's the simple things in life that's free

That really mean the world to me.


Life is like a steep mountain climb

You will get there but it will take time

And there will be blips along the way

But tomorrow is another day

And when you feel you're on quick sand

Reach up and take that helping hand.


Never give up the will to fight

Beyond that darkness there is a light

Search your heart and search your soul

And you will reach your ultimate goal

Some days it may seem hard to find

But you will find that peace of mind.


Embrace love and laughter, it is the key 

To unlock the sadness and be happy.

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