Participant Recruitment

Monday, August 14, 2017

Would you like to take part in reserach and further the understanding into the field of eating disorders? If so, please the details below on a new study being conducted by Nottingham Trent University. The research has been granted ethical approval from Nottingham Trent University.


Title: What Does Recovery Mean to Those Recovering From an Eating Disorder?

What is this research about?

This study is going to explore what eating disorder recovery means to those people going through it. I will ask a series of questions about your life with your eating disorder and your life since you started your recovery. I am also interested in looking at the social groups you belonged to throughout this journey. Questions will also be around whether the groups have changed and in what way.

Why is the research being done?

This is necessary just so that the I can understand the social world of an individual in recovery from an eating disorder. Hopefully through learning about the changes to social life throughout living with an eating disorder it can lead to better help regarding these changes to be provided to those in need of it.

 What will happen if you decide to participate?

If you take part in this study there will be an interview that will last for approximately 30/40 minutes. This can be either face-to-face or via skype. You can share anything that has been important to you, throughout this journey that you feel could be important to this study.

 There will also be a short task (around 15/20 minutes) which will involve the creation of a social identity map, which I will explain and help you to create. This will simply detail the social groups (e.g. family, squash club and a recovery support group) that you may be a member of. With a variety of information noted about each (e.g. how many days a month, on average, that you spend doing activities related to the group).

Both, the interview and the mapping task will be audio recorded with your permission and then transcribed.

How will my privacy be protected?

Due to the nature of this kind of research, extracts from the interview will be used in the final thesis and other potential publications. To protect your anonymity your name will be changed to a fake one that only you and myself will know relates to you.The interview and the transcription and any write up involving your interview will be stored under this fake name which will be kept separate from your consent sheet. Only myself and three supervisors will have access to this pseudonymised data. The recordings will be destroyed after the transcription and analysis is complete. 

What are the benefits/risks of taking part in this study?

There are no direct benefits for you taking part in this research. Although the findings will develop a better understanding of eating disorder recovery and finding another technique to help understand the changes to social life that occur throughout life with an eating disorder. There are no risks known regarding participation.

Can I change my mind and withdraw from the study?

Yes, if you agree to take part in this study it is completely voluntary. You are completely within your rights to not answer any questions throughout the interview and the mapping task and to ask for the recording to be stopped. No-one other than yourself and I will know if you choose to withdraw at any point. If you do agree to take part but after the completion of the interview you do decide you no longer want to take part, simply email me at and supply me the fake name given to you at the interview. No explanation would be required, withdrawing is completely within your rights. However, there will be a cut off period in which your data will have already been used and analysed (which will be on you consent and debrief sheet). If you wish to withdraw from the study after that date you must be aware that while your data will not be used for any publications it will still be used for the PhD thesis.

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone aged over 18 and believes themselves to be in recovery from an eating disorder. No formal diagnosis is required.

If you are interested in finding out more about the study and taking part please do get in touch

 Contact information:

PhD Researcher Details:

Jade Streete



My Director of Studies Details:

Dr Niamh McNamara


Telephone: 0115 848 4346


Research Section?: 

Eating Disorder Association NI
28 Bedford Street,
Belfast, BT2 7FE
Phone: 028 9023 5959