Regional Care Pathway For The Treatment of Eating Disorders

Friday, October 28, 2016

Today marks an important day for the treatment of eating disorders here in the north of Ireland with the launch of three important documents;

Regional Care Pathway for the Treatment of Eating Disorders;

Early Intervention for Eating Disorders-Information for General Practice;

A Guide for People Using the Services and their Families.

These documents provide vital information for both professionals and for those experiencing an eating disorder in their lives. They provide clear and precise information on what services are available for eating disorders and the way in which to access them. This will hopefully enable individuals to more readily access the care and support that they need and deserve to begin their journey to recovery. Furthermore, in line with current research on the importance of early intervention, these documents will also enable individuals to access services in a more timely fashion without valuable time being lost due to a lack of knowledge about eating disorders and the services available.

This is undoubtedly a welcome progression for the treatment of eating disorders here.

See the link below for more info

See the link below to access the three documents

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