Our New Logo is Here

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We have been working hard over the past few months trying to finalise our new logo and we are delighted to now launch our finished product!!!

We wanted something that would be fitting to represent us, our aims, our objectives and the work that we do. We wanted something that would symbolise recovery from an eating disorder. We wanted something that would symbolise hope. We wanted something that, when looked upon by someone with lived experience, of the torture and torment of living with an eating disorder, it would elicit understanding and meaning and instill hope and belief.

For us at EDA, the bird flying free, escaping from the cage symbolises many things. First and fore mostly, it symbolises recovery. It represents freedom. A sense of no longer being trapped, but free to finally live the life that you deserve - a life free from the grips of an eating disorder. It symbolises hope, a hope that the life and the circumstances that you find yourself can change for the better and that recovery from an eating disorder is most definitely possible and achievable.

We sincerely wish that our logo will instill hope and a belief that recovery from an eating disorder is, without question, absolutely possible. You CAN recover and you CAN start to live the life that you most definitely deserve. The journey to recovery may not always go in a straight line, there may be challenges along the way, but one thing for certain is -








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