Call for specialist eating disorder unit in NI as millions spent sending patients elsewhere

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Niall Mc Cracken from investigates how individuals struggling with an eating disorder have to go to another country to receive specialist inpatient eating disorder treatment as no specialist unit is available here.

It is clear that more funding is urgently needed for eating disorder services here. Undoubtedly a specialist inpatient unit is very much needed here as well as increased funding for outpatient services in the community. Increased funding in outpatient care will not only help local eating disorders teams to improve their services and allow more people to receive the help that they so desperately need but it would also help the teams with aftercare services in helping people continue on their journey to recovery after an inpatient admission, which would undoubtedly help to address the high rate of relapse associated with eating disorders.

Eating disorder services desperately need more funding, what they definitely do not need is further cuts to services. Unfortunately however, in a time when more needs done to help tackle eating disorders and help individuals to overcome the illness, the Eating Disorder Association's services are facing an extremely unsure and worrying future due to financial cuts. 

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